Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'M BACK!!!!! With a very honest post

Hello everyone, I know it's been forever and ever since I last posted here. Just to give a quick update why. First....or actually both reasons are a bit intertwined, is my job or rather my jobs. Working for three companies at two locations is quite a struggle sometimes. I love it though, since I get to work with so many different people and do different things, but that also means that sometimes I'm out of the house 17 hours...which leads to the second reason. I've put on a total of 30 Kilos since I've started this Blog, which lead to the fact that I (personally) absolutely hated looking at pictures of myself and the changes my outside has gotten through. It lead up to me going to Vancouver this April and me always annoying my friend by telling her to take pictures of me from higher up so my face would look slimmer. Traveling and photography are my two absolute favorite things in my life and I ended up not enjoying it as fully as I used to. Now I'm on my track back of loosing weight (let me know if you would like to see a few posts on that topic as well since I'm 10 kilos down so far ;)) and also I plan to work a bit less so I have 2 full days off from work and don't spread my 40-50 hours a week out on 7 days ;) I hope you come along on the ride since I really missed being more creative here on the blog/youtube and also in private ;). I do have a quite a few posts planned out already and also a few Youtube videos again as well that I'll post here as well. Here's a little sneak-peak of me in Vancouver/Seattle and area of the pictures that I ended up liking of myself ;) It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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