Ridiculously Huge Bath and Body Works Haul

Sooo if it comes to Bath and Body Works or Lululemon I'm pretty much lost... I could endlessly buy things from both brands :-P
So here we have this liquidation-centre where they suddenly had a LOT of BBW-Shower Gels for 3 Francs each...which is like 2.50 Euros or also 3 USD/CAD. So almost even cheaper than during sale time in the US!!! I feel like I've stocked up for the next 10 years or so :-P
Then inspired by it I ordered from my usual place here online also a few poketbacs and some things for my mum since her birthday was only lately.
My favorite is definitely the Pumpkin Caramel Latte and Sugar Maple line! I wished I could've everything in it!
I love all the Shower Gels and I switch them daily now...which is quite a lot of fun!


  1. Major drooling going on here. I wish I could get BABW products here in Slovenia...


    1. They have a full on Store in Warsaw...but they should really open more in Europe! I'm glad I can buy off from that nail-studio...but she only has limited collection....can't wait to go to Canada in 2 Month....I'll have to stock up on all the other things then ;)


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