New Year new me...or something like that

I'm back!!!!! Yey! I decided not to blog over christmas. The main reason was that I was working a lot, so I spent the little time I had left with friends and family ;) It was a cool and calm christmas and new years. On New Years eve we played "crime dinner" which was a lot of fun and something totally new... even though I failed toooootaly :-P
So since my friend commented the recent day, that "you're not posting" here's my first post on my first like real day off...which is my birthday too ;)
New Year new me. I'm not really into new years resolutions! For me usually it only means that I have to write a different number on the date and since my birthday is so close to new years, that's a bit more significant for me.
The first step into new year, after long deliberation was cutting my hair short. I think the last time it was this length was pretty much 10 years ago. I really love it. I have such thin hair, the long just wasn't working for me anymore, even though one side of me liked it.

So here comes the before:

And after:

What do you think??? people always think I'm about 23/24 years old...and with my new hairstyle everyone was like "hey you look younger" I turn 28 today...I kinda hope I don't look 20 now :-P 


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