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As a huge fan of TV-shows when I saw this tag on Youtube I HAD to do it ;) so here we go...feel free to do it as well and let me know in the comments... TV-Shows were my big inspiration to study film so I'm really curious what other people like ;)

**** What's your Favorite Show? a huge Tv-Show Junky I have to say I have to pick two! One is Battlestar Galactica! I'm not that much into Sci-Fi anymore, but when it comes to this show I feel very strong about it. It's perfectly written with a lot of political and historic references. I just love it with great acting. When I went to Vancouver for a moth I visited quite a lot of filming locations as well ;)
The other one, which is current is Castle. It took me a looooong time to start watch it since it's crime, and after the whole CSI Franchise I was quite over that genre. When I did start I couldn't stop. Finally a show with really well written characters who you really love unconditionally. It's funny, it's smart, it's intense, it makes you cry and laugh. It just has everything that I'm looking for in a show! Finally also a show that has an awesomely written love story, that doesn't frustrate you all the time. I find that very hard to find in other shows!

**** Which TV-Show did you watch as a kid?
I loved Sesame Street, and also the Japanese ones like Heidi and Mila.

**** With wich TV-Character can you most identify yourself?
That's a tough one. I'd like to think I'm a strong person on the outside, a soft on the inside and I have quite dark humor and a hard time opening up and trusting others and I can be clever yet goofy with a very high sense of justice...probably Kate Beckett from Castle saying all of these...although my jobs aren't even remotely interesting as hers, but there was I time where I wanted to be a Police-Detective!

**** Which TV-Shows that ended have you seen in complete?
Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files, Stargate SG1, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Private Practice probably more but I can't remember them!

**** Which of the still running TV-Show are you watching the longest?
Greys Anatomy

**** What is your favorite Scene?
Hmm...I'm usually not the biggest fan of the "oh this is THE Scene"-Scenes if that makes sense! In Battlestar I LOVED the scene where Laura Roslin got a Fighter-jet named after her. Just little bits and pieces that make your heart melt!

**** Which TV-Show should they make a Movie of?
The best to do that would be Game of Thrones I think, since the whole style is already very Lord of the Rings Style ;)

**** With wich character are you secretly in love with?
Okay that's a weird question :-P Their not real...but if I had to choose a guy for my life...hmm... since I said I'm most like Kate Beckett probably Richard Castle...even though I'm sure he'd annoy me a lot more than he does Kate :-P But still he's loving...a guy who'd do everything for his girl, caring, funny and manages to surprise in situations you think "okay we hit a wall, this is it" but still he'd annoy me to bits :-P When it comes to looks there was this guest character on Castle who also played in McLeods Daughters Brett Tucker....yeah then definitely him!

**** Who would you trade your Wardrobe with?
Spencer from Pretty Little Liars and Kate Beckett for all her Burberry and Helmut Lang clothes!!!

**** Which TV-Show influenced you the most?
Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG1... those were the shows on which I decided to Study Film with an initial plan to work in TV-Shows professionally...well I landed at a tv-channel working mostly news-broadcast...but hey I'm not complaining ;)
Also I started learning english a lot more than I had to in school when I started reading fanfictions on Stargate and also Battlestar so they are one of the reasons my english is the level it is to date.

**** What's the worst TV-Show?
Hmm...well I think for most there is a market so I wouldn't say there is like a "the worst show"...the show I don't get which has a lot of viewers would be Vampire Diaries and Supernatural...those are a bit blah for me but have a lot of fans!

**** Which Show will you watch next?
I'm looking forward to Chicago PD since it was Sophia Bush in it who I loved in One Tree Hill and "The 100" I watched the trailer and it made me reaaalllyy curious. I think they'll both start in January.


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