Yankee Candle Haul

It's winter, and what does little Dora do in Winter....yes go crazy shopping for Yankee Candles! They are the most fun thing for me and the most perfect candle ever existing. I decided not to experiment with any other candle brand anymore... I did that quite a lot but the scent pay-off is not even close!
So these are the lovely scents I purchased.

****Vanilla Chai: Does smell like the Chai-Tea-Latte at Starbucks. It's soooo yummi! My favorite I think of all these!

****Tutti-Frutti: I mainly ordered this because it was half off. It has a nice fruity and really sweet scent. I enjoy it more than I initially thought I would!

****Home Sweet Home: One of my long time favorites. Mainly it's a warm cinnamon scent but not with a sweeter note. Cozy and relaxing.

****Fireside Treats: I'm a bit vary about this one. I like the sweet marshmallow scent but I'm not a huge lover of the fiery scent it just me me feel almost a bit sick, it's okay like this but I probably won't buy it again. 


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