Sweater Weather Tag

So this is actually a Tag that is on the Youtube world....but I thought now that I decided to cut back on the video-making this is actually very doable as well on my blog. Hope you enjoy and I Tag everyone who'd like to do it as well...please let me know in the comments if you did I'll be pleased to check it out ;)

***Favorite Fall Candle?
Definitely my recently purchased Vanilla Chai from Yankee Candle. It's soooo good and also intense!

***Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
I love all of the above, but if I have to choose, than nothing beats a good ol' cup of coffee with cinammon ;)

***Dark lips of winged eyeliner?
None actually. But I really want to try to do more winged eyeliners soon...I haven't gone too much into it yet, since my eyes are quite weird-shaped and until now I was still under the impression, that it makes my eyes smaller? I'll might do a blogpost about it ;)

***Fall Fragrance?
Anything Vanilla. My favorites are Bath and Body Works "Warm Vanilla Sugar" and Yves Roches Vanilla Perfume.

***Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
Where I live in Switzerland we don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving. But I love me some Pumpkin Pie...hope to see it here more often since besides Starbucks' Pumpkin Pie latte we don't have anything sweet that is Pumpkin related!

***Hats or Scarves?
Well in Winter definitely both are a must. If I had to decide I'd say Scarves since I'm the person who loves to wear it even if it's not super cold ;)

***Most worn Sweater?
At the Moment my AllSaints Sweater. I love that it's wide and comfy. Not extremely thick, so I can still fit into my warm cozy coats.

***Fall Nail Polish?
Essie "Buy me a Cameo" I love this color. When it comes to nail polish I'm not hugely into shimmer, but this is just a perfect rose-grey-shimmer color!

***Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
I'm totally a leggings person. I LOVE Lululemon (have quite a collection) leggings with a nice skirt or long sweater, just the most comfy thing! I'm fortunate to not have an extreme dress code at work and can wear whatever as long as it's nothing extreme ;)

***Favorite TV-Show?
As mentioned a LOT CASTLE!!!!!! But I also enjoy Nashville lately!

***Most worn Fall MakeUp?
My Naked Pallets for sure. Also my Sleek blush in "Sunrise" is just lovely for fall.


  1. Loved how you included so many photos :)



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