New TV-Show Obsession

Okay beware because here comes a looooong post about my current obsession! I'm in general a huge fan of TV-Shows. Not everyones cup of tea I get that! Since Battlestar Galactica, which was just my favorite thing ever, even though I'm not hugely into SciFi anymore I loved many shows but not to an extent that I would be totally fangirly about it. My friend who is equally or even more in love with tv-shows recommended Castle since quite a long time to me but since the whole CSI franchise I didn't watch a lot of crime anymore either. I didn't have too much to watch in the beginning of september so here I was downloading this show to watch it and peng it hit. I'm really in so much love with this show. It's the most perfect thing written for my personal taste. It's funny, it's intense, it has awesome characters, dialogues that even after watching one episode for various times make you smile or cry. There's also a love story, which by far is the best written I think I've ever seen and believe me when I say I've seen many love story's written really crappy on many favorite shows. I come from the industry so also the technical facts make me really happy but I'm not going to bore you with that but interviews and twitter accounts of the crew make me really feel inspired ;) So if you haven't seen this show yet than definitely do! It makes me laugh out loud when I'm alone in every single episode, which not even HIMYM or Big Bang Theory make me do. And on top, my mum who detests TV-Shows loves it too! That has a lot to say in itself!


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