HUGE New In Post

So here comes finally all New-In things from the last three weeks. Which means my Birthday and Christmas Presents are Included ;)

These I got from my Stepmum and Sister. They smell soooooo good. I Love Vanilla!! Also a good alternative to my YvesRocher one I'm using daily

I wanted a new IPhone Cover, and when I was looking for one for my Sister for Christmas on Ebay, I ordered two of the same. It's soooo cute, even though sometimes I feel a little old for Hello Kitty :-P 

Burt's Bees are my favorite when it comes to Lip products. I never tried anything else, so I bought a night cream and I am using it since about one week now, and I'm quite pleased. 

I finally ordered these shoes. I was thinking about them a long time. Usually it's just too much money to spend on shoes that aren't boots but I ordered it from an american homepage so with tax included it's 30% cheaper then they are selling it here in Zürich. I already LOVE them!

From my voucher I got from my working place on the christmas party I bought this hair dryer. I didn't think the Ionic-system would make a huge difference, but it does!!!! People were asking me if I used a hair iron, cuz my hair is so shiny and straight, so big love from my side!

My Christmas and Birthday present from my mum. I LOOOOOOVE it!

I ordered this from the UK. Same price as I saw it in Paris last year. I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay, although I never had a Palette before from then only separate eyeshadows. I'm really looking forward using this a LOT!

If you'd like a closer Review on some of these things, let me know ;) 



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