Yeah I know I'm kinda late, but I was quite down with a cold, but kept on working so there was no more energy left for blogging.

I still have some pictures from BoxingDay left, where I went to my Stepmum and little sister and their family. We went walking the main-shopping street with the beautiful lights. Here however the shops are closed on boxing day ;)

I'll also do a little Post on "What I got for Christmas" Since it's my Birthday on Wednesday I'll probably include that. Usually I get some Money, which is okay too ;) 

I also bought the plane tickets to Vienna already for this year. We actually go to Hungary, for my Grandads memorial but on the way there and back we'll also have some shopping on our list. Even though the memorial is a sad occasion I'm still kinda looking forward to it. There are so many in my family that I only saw once in my life, or even didn't see at all, and now many will come. That's why we do it almost 6 month after his death.

New Year I spent with a friend at my place, and we also went see the fireworks they do every year. It was nice, although I was still feeling pretty sick. I was glad I didn't make big party-plans this year!

New Years resolutions...well that's always a difficult one!

- Loosing Weight - That's the biggest. I put on sooo many pounds and got really lazy in 2012...I'm really embarrassed! I never weight this much (no I won't tell you how much :-P) in my whole life! I really NEEEEEED to lose all of it. Although Usually I wanted to go down to 55 kilos or so in previous diets. I think I need to be more realistic this time. My target weight is 64 Kilos, which is ideal for me since I'm 1.68m.

- New Job - I want to keep my job at the TV...well I'd love to work full time as a Camera Operator, but we'll see if that's gonna happen this year. But I definitely want to change my job at the cinema to something where you don't have to deal with customers every day (okay not every day, since I'm not working full time!) I'll see.

- Travel to Canada again - I LOVE Canada....I want to move there some day! But it's now gonna be 5 years since I've been there, so this year I definitely want to make it there again. I hope it's gonna work out. Depends on my job situation as well though. Looks like I'm going to be traveling alone though, since most of my friends are boring like "I have no money" or "If I go to North-America, then it has to be New York!" So whatever. In Vancouver I still have my Home-stay Family I could visit who are such lovely people.

Yep, that's about it ;) 



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