Winter Wonderland.... kinda

So last week we did get a tiny bit of snow...but it melted away quite fast, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures ;)

 Experimenting with my camera....I'm impressed how "good" this shot is, thinking, that I didn't have an ND-Filter (okay the really cloudy day had similar impact) plus no tripod ;) 

OOTD with my new UGG-Boots

New In all from H&M 

 Argan Oil for my Hair/Skin - It's really good for both!

OOTD with my new H&M Dress. it was only 10CHF in the Sale (about 8 Euros) so I HAD to take it ;) 

Aaaand I used my new Bun-Band (are they called like that????) Maybe you can't see it properly on the picture, but H&M has now smaller ones, since I have really fine hair, I can't "fill up" a big one, so I was super-Happy, when I found these today and I'll wear my hair this way a lot more often...especially in deep winter with scarves, where, if I wear my hair open they get really tangled up! and Summer of course in the warmth ;) 

So only one more day to go til Christmas. As every year I'm gonna celebrate with my mum on the 24th and my Stepmum on the 26th also with my half-sister and her uncle and two cousins. I'm really looking forward to it. On the 25th I have to work (too bad I work at two companies which are open 365 days a year) but I'll somehow manage ;) 

XOXO, take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! LOVE you guys!


  1. schöne Bilder! :)

    <3, Jule

  2. ohh.. das schwarz-weiß-Bild ist ganz toll! :)


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