2nd Advent with a little Update ;)

Here's a little Update about the last few days ;) New ins and Pictures...though I haven't really had time to go out on a Photo-Spree so these are taken with like 3 different cameras :-P

I ordered quite a lot of YankeeCandle Tarts. I want to try out as many as possible and figure out what to buy in a Housewarmer.

And if you thought I'm crazy when it comes to YankeeCandle - May I introduce you to my Mum's Housewarmer-Collection ;) 

First the weather was just dark and typical Swiss autumn style

And then came christmas-style weather which I LOVE! it's really cold today too, so that means the snow is still everywhere ;) 

The street I live in - I'm glad I don't need to use my car the next few days ;) 

 And some new stuff ;) 

That means my Ugg-Boot collection grew into 4!!! yay. Although I'm definitely very soon gonna get rid of the Brown ones. They are like 4 year old, well worn. I almost don't want to throw them away, cuz I got them in New York, but these kind of things come to an and sooner or later ;) 

Take Care Everyone


  1. woha sind das viele Kerzen :D wo gibts die denn bei euch?

    und du hast echt viele UGGs :) hab mir jetzt Chestnut bestellt, hoffe, dass die morgen ankommen, es ist sooo kalt geworden.

    uuuund du hast sooo schöne grüne Augen!:)


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