TV-Show: Major Crimes


So I'm still a huge TV-Show fan. Although I waited quite long to watch this, but I REALLY wanted to take time. First you have to know. Mary McDonnell is my favorite Actress since Battlestar Galactica and since then I watched almost everything she's done. Major Crimes is the SpinOff of "The Closer" now starring Mary McDonnell. I was a bit scared, that it would die after one season, like most SpinOffs, that it wouldn't be well made BUT I was really surprised when it was actually really good! Most of the Team is left from "The Closer" I didn't watch that show (or well, I watched the episodes where Mary was already a recurring character). I love all the Characters. They do get into their personal lives a lot more, than in the CSI-Franchise, which I stopped watching...or almost, I still watch the New York one. I don't watch a lot of Crime anymore. There are just so many shows...but Major Crimes, I soooooo can't wait for Season2! (It was already renewed, I hope this time they get 20 plus episodes!)


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