Some more working Days

The Weekend has been quite busy. Working all two days and today I kinda did a double-shift too, since I was translating some Hungarian into German for the TV-Station I usually work for in a different position.

I started Sunday with a healthy Breakfast - Haven't had Toppas since a loooong time. I bought this on my last shopping-trip to Germany. It's yummy. Chocolatey, but not tooo bad for you. 

Then i finally had to clean my brushes. They reeeealy needed it! Unfortunately I forgot, that my current Make-Up remover (because that's what I usually clean my brushes with) has oil in it. So now their kind of weird. I guess I have to clean them all over again, as soon as I get a new Remover *headdesk*. 

Dinner wasn't as healthy! It's like the only place where you can actually eat within half an hour. And well Sunday is kind of my Cheat-Days too... :-P 

How I looked today - I still haven't gotten a lamp for better OOTD-Posts. The pictures just get too dark, so you only see my Top-OOTD ;) 

How I spent my 1.5 hours break today evening from Work. TV - Magazines - IPhone - Energy-Drink

Before work I did a quick trip to H&M, since I was out of long sock for winter. Or let's better say, most of them either have holes or are like really sheer on the toe-section. 

I hope you guys had a great start into the new Week ;) 



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