Oh my DEER!

In the beginning of the week the weather was still beautiful and sunny, just the Autumn weather I LOVE. Fortunately one late afternoon we took a walk into the forest since the weather is back to being bad and cold, and freezing! We went with my Stepmum and Sister and of course I had to take lots of pictures. At the end there's a really small deer-park. Since they already ate most of the grass on their paddock they were really happy that we fed them with some fresh long leaves.

My little Sister is such a beauty. She looks sooooo grown up! I can't believe it almost! She now is the age (13.5)  I was, when she was born <3 and it only feels like it was yesterday! 

I Love our Prime-Tower, can't help it, even if it stands out quite a bit :-P

It's Pumpkin time :D

On the move

yum yum yum 

yeah I know, a little too posed :-P 

My sister is such a beauty


  1. die Bilder sind super schön :)
    echt klasse ^_^

  2. beautiful pictures! :)


  3. Die Bilder sind wundervoll!:) Das Licht sieht wirklich toll aus... toll♥
    Lust mir zu folgen? Gewinnspiel läuft auch gerade, würde mich freuen, wenn du teilnimmst!:)
    Liebe Grüße!


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