New in, Germany

So we went to Germany for shopping almost two weeks ago already, but I still didn't manage to post about it...yeah I know shame on me... but better late than never ;)

Since I'm on my diet, I thought I'll also post some of my favorite diet-foods I usually buy in Germany.

The Limited Edition Bodylotion and Douche - it smells soooooo yummy. I Love the Cherry-Almond the most!

since it's getting colder tea is mandatory ;)

Diet-Chocolat with extra Protein. Really sweet, so it's great if you're craving chocolate but it only contains like 135 Calories. 
Also I've never been a fan of these Protein-Shakes but I'm willing to give them a try again.

Alverde-Bronzer....I use it for my cheekbones...or rather non-existing cheekbones :-P

Protein bars. I went a little crazy on them this time :-P But I like them, and again great for sweet-drawings!

Topas - I haven't had this cereal since I was a child, since it's also quite healthy I'm happy to try it again. With Grapes and Chocolat-Taste

This Tuna is sooooo good. It's from sustainable fishery and really tastes soooo goooood! Love it with Potatoes.


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