New Design, New Language, almost new Beginnings

Hi Guys,

Sooo last post I was writing, that I wanted to switch to a new blog, with a different name and design and that I wanted to switch to English (you can still translate to German on the right side). So I actually found out (yeah I'm blogging since almost a year now, and I still don't have any idea about this Blogger-Program :-P) that I can change the name of the blog without a now that that's done I'm really happy. I only hope that everyone can still follow easily just like before!

One quick update on my Granpa. He's actually doing better!!! They did the CT, and there's no cancer, so that's not the cause of the pneumonia!!! Which means he gets different medication now, and my Grandma wrote us today, that the doctor said he's doing better. They put him to sleep, so he can't even wake up, just that he's not irritated, with all those machines and wires coming he's plugged to!

Finally I want to show you my Lululemon-Haul that I ordered from Canada. Really my favorite brand for sports. As shown on the pictures, today I wore the long-sleeved top for the first time. I was out running for half an hour, and not once did I have to pull it into place! And it has such cute little details, and when I'm not bringing my new water-bottle it's sooo cool for a short run, since there's just NOTHING you have to hold in your hands!

They always send you a Shopping-Bag with your Online Order <3 <3 <3

Yeeey, finally here!!!!!!

Todays Running-OOTD (ignore the mess in the Background)

LOVE it! The little ruffles are fluorescence 

Room in the back for keys and IPhone

lighter material under your arms, so you don't sweat it to death

water-bottle love

These are called Aphrodite Crops. LOVE them. ruffles on the sides. These I actually ordered for next summer already a size smaller than I usually wear. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Bordeaux

Aaaand I'm totally hurt today. I burned my thumb while pouring Tea-Water into my Tumbler! It still hurts soooo much! :(



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