New Camera!!!

So I decided on a System-Camera and I'm loving it! I got the Sony NEX-5NK. I really needed an "always with me" camera that I can bring along more often than my DSRL especially for traveling.

In compares with my big one this really looks tiny! It's only about 300grams, while the big one is almost two Kilos

This one is soooooooo yummy! If you find something like this, and like Lemon, definitely try it!

I also bought two DVD's for last Weekend to watch. We loved both. I had to buy "Perfect Sense". I just watched it a few month ago and I loved it. The whole idea behind the move, the acting, and the style that it was filmed is just fabulous! 
"One Week" I also just HAD to buy, since I LOVE Canada and it's a "Love letter to Canada" basically and I was suprised, that I even enjoyed the whole story very much as well, even though I'm not a huge fan of Motor-Bikes. 

Yesterday I also had a super-migraine-attack. It was really annoying. I'm having migraines quite often, since about a year, but never as bad, that I actually had to lie down and sleep for two hours. It felt like someone sitting on my head constantly! If it continues to be this bad, than I really have to get some harder medication!

This Weekend I work both days. I'm not really looking forward to it, but since I bought a camera, and I'm kin of eyeing a new bag for traveling as well I'm kinda glad I could work some extra hours. 

There's still the thing with my grandpa as well. He's still in "intensive care" at the hospital and the doctors still haven't really figured out why he's so sick. That really makes me sad! I really hope he still gets to live a few more years! 

So tomorrow I'm gonna post some pictures made with my new Camera, so stay tuned ;) 

xoxo Dora


  1. Looks nice! ♥


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