It's Pumpkin time

Soooo, I know I'm on a diet, but since I was so good with doing sports this week, and I've been dying to try this I made a PumpkinPie!!!

Okay I cheated on the dough. I bought it ready made, but that was because I didn't have too much time to do it ;)

It was really yummi and fluffy. It kinda lost a bit of the Pumpkin flavor. Next time I'd definitely put less almonds into it. But for my first try I was really happy. 


  1. Das sieht total lecker aus :) Yummy

  2. Nice blog! Mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

  3. Mmh, das sieht richtig lecker aus! Ich bin auch voll der Kürbisfan *g*

    Liebe Grüße,


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