Wishlist London

Sooooo, I finally come to my terms what I'm going to "need" to buy in London....so I write it down here...maybe if I write it down 10 times til the travel, I'll stick to it and don't buy more :-P

1. Black winter Coat
2. Short Hunter Boots
3. Small wallet for my "going out" purses....now I have some from H&M, so Burberry or Tory Burch would be nice (*hopes for huuuuuge sale*)
4. 3-10 Dresses....I can never get enough dresses....prefer the "skater"-dress-style, fortunately Topshop &co has some
5. Burt's Bees.....FINALLY Boots.com has Burt's Bees...so that will take a huge haul!!
6. Some cute Cardigans....one thing a girl can never have enough of.
7. Earrings....same as above, can't wait for topshop for that, they always have these special things
8. one cute note-book to write down my favorite recipes, since I always modulate recipes from books
9. Harrods goodies....I can never leave London without buying something at harrods!
10. Yumi....hoping for sales too...and then buy things like cardigans or jackets, which we don't have lots to choose from in Switzerland.

Okay I hope that's about it ;)

got to....
...costa caffee
... Sophies Stakehouse
...MARKS & SPENCERS.....could always spend a whole day just shopping food there if I'd live there ;)


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